The Importance of Companionship for Seniors

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Research has shown that seniors who are socially isolated have an increased risk of premature death, regardless of whether or not they have pre-existing health conditions. Providing seniors with a social life can greatly reduce the chances of developing depression which can severely impact the health of your loved one. At BranchCare, our caregivers are friendly and passionate about providing seniors with the best care and social life they can have. BranchCare caregivers act as a familiar face that your loved one will see numerous times a week, acting as both a care provider and a friend. BranchCare values the physical and mental health of your loved one.

  • Your loved one will interact with the same BranchCare Caregiver regularly allowing them to develop a strong relationship

  • Our Caregivers are passionate about helping Seniors

  • Meaningful relationship have reduced risk of developing dementia

  • Provides your loved one with a social life

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