Five Activities For Seniors While Quarantined due to COVID-19

If you're like most of us, you're probably starting to feel bored spending the majority of the time in your own homes. You may also feel isolated not having to ability to spend time face to face with your friends and family. Try the activities on our list below to stay healthy, connected or simply pass the time while quarantined:

1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness can have very positive effects on ones mood and overall well-being. It is a calming and healthy past-time and a great habit to develop while remaining indoors. Best of all, all you need is a quiet and comfortable space to be in to get started. Guides for how to practice mindfulness can be found online at

2. Draw or paint

Drawing or painting is a great way to pass the time and can be a very therapeutic hobby. Challenge yourself to draw or paint unusually shaped objects in your home. This activity also requires very little equipment to get started and is a great activity that doesn't require you to leave your home.

3. Plan a virtual gathering

Virtual gatherings are a perfect way to stay in touch with friends and family while quarantined. Plan and date and time for your loved ones to be online then use a virtual conferencing program like Zoom or Google Hangouts to host your virtual party. For added fun look for games that you can play as a group like trivia.

4. Try a virtual exercise class

Stay active and healthy while quarantined by trying a virtual exercise class. YouTube has endless pre-recorded exercise videos or try a live one so that you can follow along with an instructor. This is a great way to stay in shape as well as maintain a healthy routine. It can also be a social activity for those participating in live virtual sessions.

5. Keep a journal

Write down your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis in a journal. This activity is a simple and relaxing way to relieve stress and pass the time while staying at home. Keep track of how you feel day to day, your personal goals during quarantine or your hopes and desires for the future.

Stay healthy, happy and connected!

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