Drawbacks of Long Term Care Homes

High Costs with Nursing Homes

In Ontario, a private room for your loved one will cost $2,701.61 a month or $32,419.32 a year according to the provincial government. For many families, this cost can become an overwhelming financial burden.

Proven Track-Record of Sub Par Care

The high cost of labour in these senior homes is why many owners intentionally under staff their facilities. The fact of the matter is that long-term care homes have been understaffed for years, cutting corners wherever necessary to improve their bottom line. Whether that being changing seniors undergarments or sheets less frequently than necessary, having high senior-to-nurse ratios leads to lower quality care for an expensive service. An expensive service that you are paying thousands of dollars for a month.

Loss of Independence and Freedom

While Senior Homes can be beneficial to maintaining the physical health of your loved one, they often worsen the mental health of seniors by taking away their freedom. A study done by the Canadian Institute for Health Information showed that 44% of Seniors living in long-term care homes had depression. Many older adults are accustomed to their own set routine which makes it difficult for them to adjust to a new routine that is set by someone else. Not being able to choose what they are eating or doing can take a toll on their mental well being due to the sense that they are not in control of their own life.

Illness Spreads like Wild Fire

With outbreaks such as COVID-19, long-term care home are often affected the worst. For example, in Ontario, senior homes have been affected worse than hospitals with 84 outbreaks in hospitals and 298 coronavirus outbreaks in long-term care homes! With many senior homes having one person looking after 6 patients at a time, these patients are fully dependent on an overworked care provider. There are many horror stories of patients being abandoned by their nurse due to a COVID-19 outbreak leaving many nursing homes devastated. In Ontario, there are five senior homes than lost 40% of their residents due to COVID-19.

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