A New Alternative For Senior Home Care in Toronto

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Finding the right care for yourself or a loved one is an important personal and financial decision. If you're like most Canadians, you're looking for transparent, high quality care that's consistent and affordable in the long-term. So, how do you make sure you're picking the right care provider?

If you want to stay in your own home to receive care, you used to have two options: Traditional Agencies and Independents. But what about a third option?

Traditional Agencies

When searching for care for loved ones, many families turn to traditional agencies. Agencies employ care providers directly and thus provide assistance with managing the administration of care. For complex, medical care - a traditional agency is often best equipped to provide care. For non-medical care (home making, mobility assistance, etc.), however, they are an expensive option. Agencies can charge an additional fee of 30-40% per hour for the administrative help they provide. Agencies can also provide families few options (if any) when choosing their preferred care provider.


Hiring an independent care provider is a great option for many seniors looking for extra support around their homes. Independent care providers are often more flexible and more affordable than an agency care provider. The downside, of course, when hiring an independent, is that it adds an additional administrative burden on the senior or family when it comes to managing the payroll and scheduling of the individual. This becomes even more complex for the family when the care provider is "live-in" and must be treated as an employee of the family instead of an independent contractor.

Your third option? Self-Directed Care

What is BranchCare?

BranchCare is a new innovative approach to non-medical senior care in Toronto that brings together the advantages of agency care and independent care. BranchCare is an online platform where families can find independent care providers for free and get affordable support to manage the on-going relationship. All BranchCare care providers are the best, vetted independent care providers in the city of Toronto. You can find and hire the best person for your family in minutes and save thousands every year in administrative costs.

Why choose BranchCare?

1. You're in control: it's your care in your home - you should be in charge. With BranchCare, you hand pick your care provider and set your own schedule.

2. Better value for your money: BranchCare provides all of the administrative support you need. We keep it simple - don't let an agency over-charge you for the same service.

3. It's easy: Finding reliable, quality care on BranchCare takes minutes. At BranchCare, we believe home care should be simple, safe and affordable.

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