Frequently asked questions

How is BranchCare different from a traditional caregiving agency?

BranchCare provides all the services of a traditional agency for a fraction of the cost. The main difference is that BranchCare is a technology company that helps facilitate care - BranchCare is not a direct employer or provider of care. All care providers on BranchCare work independently whereas an agency hires care providers directly and charges customers a large overhead fee.

How do I get started?

If you're looking for care, give us a call to set up a free consultaiton +1 (647) 931 5392. The purpose of our consultation is to learn more about you and your family's needs and to make sure that BranchCare is right for you. If you're looking for work as a care provider, create a profile here to begin our screening process:

Who are the care providers?

All our care providers are local, experienced and qualified individuals in the GTA. We screen all of our care providers that apply to be listed on BranchCare and display their reported credentials. We require that all care providers provide a background check that has been independently verified within the last 12 months. We highly encourage all users to conduct their own due dilligence on any care provider that they choose to engage to their satisfaction. This could include a credit check, vulnerable sector check, driving record check, personal interview and/or credentials verficaition.

How much does BranchCare cost?

BranchCare is totally transparent with all pricing. BranchCare charges a service fee of 10%. A traditional agency will charge 20-40% overhead in addition to the baseline care providers rate. BranchCare's service will save you anywhere from 10-40% on care relative to a traditional care agency. BranchCare also gives you the flexibility to choose your own care provider whose rates tend to vary from $15-$20 per hour depending on their skillset, experience and the type of service requested..

Is BranchCare right for me?

BranchCare provides non-medical services exclusively. If you're looking for help around your home, getting places, companionship or any other non-medical daily support contact us right away to get started.

What is BranchCare?

BranchCare is a marketplace for in-home care. We help families find quality local care providers. Once you've found your perfect match, BranchCare provides easy to use tools to manage on-going care such as scheduling appointments and managing payroll.