Home Care During COVID-19

Before seeking home care, every family must consider the risk of contracting or spreading  the COVID-19 (coronavirus) virus. 

Seniors are a more vulnerable group making this is a challenging and scary time. As such, essential home care services must only be delivered with the highest safety standard. The BranchCare team is doing everything in our power to ensure that the risk of contraction is minimized. Please contact us at (647) 931-5392 to learn more.

BranchCare is a marketplace for in-home senior care. This means that we do not directly employ our care providers and are not responsible for their actions or in-actions. For this reason, it is imperative for all those seeking/providing independent care to read and strictly adhere to the follow guidelines provided by the Canadian Government.


1. Limit Contact: According to the Canadian Government, you should not share personal items such as towels, bed linen, utensils or electronic devices. Limit direct or indirect contact as much as possible as not all those infected with COVID-19 will show symptoms.


2. Protect Yourself: If interaction is necessary, wear personal protective equipment. Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds.


3. Wear Masks: Masks are an important way to limit the spread of germs. When around a vulnerable person, always wear a mask or face covering.


4. Keep Your Environment Clean: Regularly wash your clothes and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched. Change your masks and gloves regularly and dispose of the old equipment in a secure fashion.


5. Monitor Yourself for Symptoms: If you start to develop any symptoms, immediately quarantine (self-isolate) at home for 14 days.


6. Maintain These Supplies: Medical mask (if available or face covering), disposable gloves, tissues, protective eyewear…(for the full list please visit this website)

Stay safe, protect yourself and your loved ones.


For more information on coronavirus call 1-833-784-4397 or visit canada.ca/coronavirus