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Stay in the loop

BranchCare sends you detailed care notes after every appointment.

Phone Screen

Care Notes

Today, I cooked Mary lunch and cleaned up the kitchen and bathroom. We went grocery shopping together and bought food for the week. Overall, Mary was very happy and engaged all afternoon! 

August 17

1pm - 3pm

No back pain

Positive attitude

Some issues with memory

Mary's care provider has just arrived. Confirmed by phone location.

Have Peace of Mind

Know exactly when your loved one's care provider arrives and leaves. 

Keep Track

Track your or your loved one's health and well-being over time. Spot potential long-term health issues early like cognitive decline. 

Monthly Report


  • Mary has recently been experiencing issues with her memory more frequently this month than the previous month

  • Mary's care provider left early on 5 out of 10 appointments this month


Summary10 appointments | 22.5 hours |  $431.47 spent 


= Appointment


BranchCare is a great place to find affordable home care! It's so quick and easy to sign up and get started.

Dr. R Douglas Turner

BranchCare is a company that I am enthused to endorse. With over 40 years of experience in family medicine, BranchCare responds well to the needs expressed to me by patients.



BranchCare is excellent and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone for finding quality care!

Our Services


Smart Scheduling & Payment

Easily track appointments online. Get detailed notes after every appointment and pay your care provider automatically by direct deposit.

$50 - $200 / month

Location-based Appointment Verification

BranchCare verifies the start and end time of every appointment based on the location of the care provider's phone.

Free with Account


$25 / Month

Weekly Care Reports 

Track your appointments, spending and your loved ones well-being over time. BranchCare consolidates care notes over time to give you insights on health trends over time.

Free with Account


$50 / Month

*Pricing varies based on your needs. Contact us to learn more about our pricing and services. 

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