BranchCare Community Guidelines 

General Rules of Conduct

It is our goal to make the experience of using our site positive for care providers and families. Communication between members should be with the sole purpose of connecting care providers with families seeking quality elder home care. By using BranchCare’s site and services you agree to NOT do the following:


  1. Recruit, request, broker any furthest point for work or contracting for a business not associated with BranchCare 

  2. Harass, Intimidate or provoke any other member

  3. Contact any other member for reasons other than the set terms of use

  4. Advance or play out any criminal operations while utilizing the site or BranchCare's services

  5. Transfer, disseminate or print whatever might be harmful to minors 

  6. Try to gain access to secured portions of the website 

  7. Leverage the Site or Services to send unsolicited email advertising

  8. Use the Site or Services to stalk, harass or harm another individual

  9. Interfere in any way with the proper functioning of the Site and Services or interfere with or disrupt any servers or networks connected to the Site or Services


BranchCare reserves the right to remove any user from the platform at any time for violating any of the rules listed.


Commitment to Diversity 

  1. BranchCare employs care providers without regard to race, creed, colour, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, disability status, military obligations, and marital status.

  2. BranchCare is committed to serving people of all walks regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, age, religion, national origin, mental or physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ancestry, military discharge status, marital status, source of income, housing status or other protected classification.